Sunday, September 12, 2010

Midwest VapeFest 2010

And here it is...the aftermath of one of the greatest experiences of my life...I attended one of the largest gatherings of vapers in the US (would it sound pretentious to claim the WORLD?) - This last weekend we descended, en mass, to St. Louis, and took the town by storm.

Link is to my Photobucket Page, which is currently housing the pictures I captured of this event.

And, it gets better - not only was this event the largest gathering to date, we had a fantastic write-up in the St. Louis paper..

Which was a positive piece.

Let me genuflect on the experience... it will be emblazoned in my memory forever.  These people who gathered, vapers all, united in their common practice.  There were people there from all across the US, a few from Canada, and many, many more who couldn't be in attendance watching on the live video stream.

The thing that hits me the hardest about the experience? That I got to meet so many of the people I've known for a year plus, for the first time.  Glorious!


  1. Vapefests are a great experience to meet and learn from other vapers!

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