Sunday, September 6, 2009

Unity - A Rallying Cry - Then and Now

Unity - Then (originally posted on April 2, 2009 on ECF)

It's a shame the anti's preaching against us are blinded by their hatred of the habit we came to leave behind. They refuse to allow the truth to set them free, opting to take the easy road and willingly pull the blinders over their own eyes.

I feel sorry for Big Pharm - greed motivating them to manipulate the government into barring this new product in the name of "public safety." The ugly reality: chaining us to the most deadly product sold in this country for a few more splinters of profit pushing their innefectctual products. They refuse to spend their ill-gotten funds to embrace this new technology, taking the easy road and burying it instead.

I'm horrified by Big Tobacco: focused on making their product more addictive, not seeing the connection between killing off their customer base and slitting their own throats. It's more comfortable to continue to produce their deadly product than absorb this new technology and make it their own.

Big Government will take the easy road, as always, and be swayed by those who have the loudest voice, the biggest number of votes, and yes, the deepest pockets. Their easy road is to appease the greatest number of citizens, and ignore the minority.


Human beings have a love/hate relationship with's our nature. We embrace change as necessary, get excited over something different and new, but fight that change because we're forced away from the comfortable and familiar. Pharm, Tobacco, the Anti's and Big Brother are fighting that change, wanting comfortable and familiar. Smoking is evil, anything that looks like smoking is evil.

Being angry does nothing. We must educatate them....It's a monumental task. The enemy is on our doorstep. The field of battle is prepared, the line has been drawn in the sand, and the battle is upon us not on a field of our choosing.

We need unity-ONE purpose-ONE goal-ONE MILLION voices raised with ONE message.

Only then will we succeed in defending our rights.

Unity - NOW

I remember, way back in April, when I posted Unity. The words I wrote way back then, in my new-found exuberence, spoke from the heart. We needed to be united in one voice, one message, one goal.

My, how we have fallen....

The campaign waged against all vapers by BT, BP, and BB have been concerted, pin-point, surgical strikes.

This was never a struggle against wether or not PV's would become mainstream, natural outlets for cigarette users addicted to nicotine. This was never about importing a new toy from China. This was never about legality, and this was never about the health and safety of the American Public.

This struggle was about the little dogs (us) having the audacity to bark in absolute joy over a new-found bone.

Power. Control. Greed, and Corruption. How quickly do these infective words spread their sickness.

I look at the aftermath of this battlefield from a shattered castle wall, and weep at the distruction. Once fertile fields are now bare patches of ground soaked with blood. The corpses of the dead are stacked like cordwood, the living having abandoned them to the flies and carrion-eaters.

Our community is broken apart - riven by suggestions from the unholy trinity and our own vicious infighting over Power, Control, Greed, and Corruption.

Even now, with the assassins within the walls, we can't resist the urge to throw venomous barbs at those we once called friends, once embraced in a comonality of purpose and goal.

And BT, BP, and BB sit back and watch this final implosion from their palaces of gold and silver.They light up their cuban cigars, sip champaign from crystal goblets, and dine on fine exotic treats gleaned from around the globe as they congratulate each other on a fine victory against 'these upstart free-thinkers.'

Damn, we're good. We certainly showed them, didn't we, what we're made of.

I need a cigarette.