Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dr. Gupta Mentions E-Cigs in his Blog

There was an article today in Dr. Gupta's blog regarding my toys - one that I simply was moved to reply to....and I wasn't the only vaper who was so inspired.  Before I forget - here's the article:  Paging Dr. Gupta

And here's my response to his article.

Well, I'd say the FDA has certainly gotten fair value for the dollar on that alarmist press release they put out last summer. The misinformation simply continues to spread like wildfire – and everything points back to the source of things as that press release. Not the STUDY – the PRESS RELEASE.

I am not a member of CASAA. I do not get any financing from any E-Cig manufacturer, anti-smoking charity organization, tobacco manufacturer, or government agency. I am simply a consumer of these products.

Personally, I think its a shame and a tragedy that the PRESS RELEASE is what is so devastating in defining both professional and private public opinions on the E-Cig. If anyone were interested, they can find information on these products readily available on the web, and you can easily confirm that information with several different sources. But, alas, it is not the is simply easier to take one small piece of misinformation and run with it.

I remember when research in this country used to mean something...that people, both in their private lives and their professional ones, would take the time to examine the situation from multiple angles BEFORE voicing a solid opinion.

Nowadays, its degenerated into nothing more than knee-jerk reactions and the parroting of misinformation created by those who would control the masses with emotionally-laden alarmist statements.


  1. I saw my boss with a bottle of dihydrogen-monoxide in her office the other day, and we all know that this is also a substance found in anti-freeze, should I steer clear of the office? Come on people, wake up.

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