Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thinking Again

I am tired. Tired of the virulent hatred surrounding a practice I enjoy: Vaping.

There are bills now sitting on the dockets in MD and IL to ban the sale and distribution of any product not "approved by the FDA" to consume Nicotine. Now, not only does this push consumers to believe that cigarettes are approved, but it eliminates any and all competition to the US (and, to a certain extent, the world) nicotine market, forcing those who enjoy nicotine into inneffective pharma products or deadly (and overtaxed) tobacco for their fix.

It will force the practice of vaping underground. That's where all quality control goes out the window, folks...with black-market nicotine solutions being sold out of back-alleys. Where people are growing their own tobacco and extracting the nic out of it who have NO idea what they're doing.

And why are we going down this road? Power, control, money. The FDA released that press release over 6 months ago, and we're still feeling the impact of their ill-wishes. Their own limited testing found that PV's are magnitudes safer than cigarettes. Yet, their press release stated:

These products contain Propolyne Glycol, an ingredient found in asthma inhalers.

These products contain trace elements of carcinogens, comparable to the amounts found in FDA-approved NRT's.

These products contain nicotine in varying amounts, to appeal to a wide demographic of committed smokers.

These products come in a wide variety of flavors which may appeal to a large proportion of adult smokers, to tempt them away from deadly tobacco and in to a reduced-harm product that minimizes their risks of damage to body functions from repeated consumption of tobacco.

all in the wording, people. Had the FDA released their little press-bomb using positives instead of negatives, we wouldn't now be struggling to keep our right to make adult, informed decisions on what we put in our bodies. Shows you just who is pulling their strings, doesn't it?

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