Saturday, July 25, 2009

FDA's Press Release - actual results

This just shocked me - I can't believe I missed it before.....

This is the test results from the FDA - the link directly off their website...

Simulated Use: Nicotine and tobacco Specific Impurities by Head Space GC-MS (HSGS-MS) and sparging apparatus HSGC is likely to be less sensitive than the GC-MS technique that takes advantage of injecting all of the soluble components and then volatilizing them at 280 C; however, the head space analyzer can beset to a specific temperature to mimic what may be volatilized during use of the products.
The temperature of the heating element in each e-cigarette was determined by inserting a thermocouple and then activating the e-cigarette by drawing air through it. These temperatures ranged from 40 to 65 C. HSGC-MS analysis was conducted at 60 C to simulate the temperature that would be encountered during activation of an e-cigarette.

This is a direct quote from the PDA given in the link - essentially saying that the testing used 2 different machines to test the liquids.
The biggest difference in these machines is the ambient temperature they run at.

-The head space machine can be set to operate at different temperatures - and was set for the test at the median point operating temperature of the working unit, or 60 C.
-The GC, or Sparging unit, operates at a fixed temperature of 280 C.
Hmmm - what I find incredibly odd is the temperature differences in the 2.

Head space unit - 60 degrees C.
Sparging unit - 280 degrees C.

Ummmm - that's quite a difference.... and can anyone out there tell me what happens when you overheat any substance? You CHANGE ITS CHEMICAL STRUCTURE!

now.... guess which test they used to determine the presence of DEG in the liquid?

Here, let me help - here's another quote from the PDF:

Whole Cartridges: Diethylene Glycol An aliquot of each methanol extract prepared in the Detection and Quantitation of Nicotine by HPLC-UV analysis was transferred to a vial for GC-MS analysis. Samples were screened on an Agilent 6890 with a 5975 MSD operated initially in full scan ode and later in SIM mode using the chromatographic parameters from a USP monograph procedure (Reference 5).

Bingo! I'm going to go ahead and say it, folks - THE FDA SKEWED THEIR OWN TEST TO GET THE RESULTS THEY WANTED.

Fair and impartial? I think NOT!


  1. Our news here in America is very skewed.
    It's really sad to see reporters just swallowing the FDA's skewed test results and reguratating the results.
    I did find some news about e-cigarettes from other countries that was a little less baised.
    This video was one of them.

  2. Hey Guys, Basically over 400,000 Americans die annually from tobacco smoking or second hand hazardeous chemical smoke inhaling ! So if the FDA really cares about it's citizens then it should take control over conventional Tobacco smoking, before closing it's doors on a Simple device called an electronic cigarette which has not harmed a single human since it was introduced in 2004. I've been a tobacco smoker for 3 years and this simple electronic cigarette device has surely helped me to quit tobacco smoking for good! So I can freely suggest to those who are considering a much better & safer alternative to give an electronic cigarette a try. Please care about your health & the environment :)

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