Monday, May 25, 2009

What is a personal vaporizor???

Just what is a personal vaporizor? Some call it an electronic cigarette, or E-Cig. It is a product first produced in China in early 2004, by inventor Hon Lik, to mimic the act of smoking. In fact, the company, beginning as Golden Dragon, changed its name to Ruyan, which means "like smoke" in Chinese as enthusiasm for their product began to grow. To date, they have a small footprint in the USA, but I have hope that they will continue to increase their presence.

Yup, you guessed it, I am a current user of these products, and they have allowed me to entirely cease smoking cigarettes after more than 20 years of trying - and failing - to quit this habit.

How do they work? There is a liquid solution of propolyne glycol, vegatable glycerine, water, flavorings (food grade flavors) and nicotine. I leave the nicotine last on my list, because, one, it is the smallest ingredient by volumn in the solution, and two, it can be totally removed without harm to the user, the devise, or the end result of the product. This liquid solution is called e-juice, niquid, juice, smoke juice, or variants thereof. With the exception of the nicotine (optional!!) all the ingredients in this juice are GRAS (generally regarded as safe) by the FDA and already included in the multitudes of food and pharmaceutical products sold in the US.

The juice is loaded into a small cartridge of polyfill batting, and is loaded into an atomizer. The atomizer in turn is attached to a small rechargable battery with either an automatic (activates by sensing airflow) or manual (you push a switch) activation switch. Once the atomizer has been fired up, the juice in the cartridge vaporizes in the high temp. You then inhale the vaporized "smoke" as you would a cigarette.....There you go, you're vapin', baby!

I have used this new toy of mine exclusively since March 10th, 2009. It has completely replaced my old cigarette habit.....I no longer smoke the tar or carcinogens associated with burning leaves and paper and glue. This is a clean alternative for my continued enjoyment of recreational nicotine consumption - cleaner because I am no longer inhaling burnt carbon smoke, no longer providing smoke of any kind to the atmosphere, no longer throwing spent butts or ash out in my trash or my car window.

I urge any smokers out there who are ready, willing but not quite able to quit their tobacco habit to look into these products.....2 good resources, and ones I will often quote on my blog as it comes to fruition are: The Electronic Cigarette Forum at and the Electronic Cigarette Association at There are links to both of these websites at the right-hand side of my blog.


  1. Hey Vick,
    You and me both! I quit tobacco cigarettes about 3 months ago, and have been smoking my ecig ever since. Nice easy transition to an e-cig...i mean really its the same thing. Nice to not cough up all that black gunk in the morning anymore like I did with tobacco cigs. Also nice to not worry about what I'm doing to my body. I got a little nervous when the FDA released its Chinese-Made Smoke juice findings, but have since switched to USA Made Smoke Juice. At least with Halo, Johnson Creek, Cloud 9 and the other American Made e-liquid vendors I know whats going into it.

    Johnny Blaze

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  3. I just love my personal vaporizer, and yes, like you it has helped me to stop my bad smoking habit for good and now with these nicotine free juices its awesome, and you know what else, one day i will stop vaping and I will be entirely smoke free ,)